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Recruitment areas


Recruitment in IT

How do you get tomorrow’s specialists to work at your company? The IT sector has the highest mobility amongst specialists in the market. Hip and trendy companies attract driven entrepreneurs and developers with exciting projects, high salaries and stimulating work.

Does your company have what it takes to attract these skills? The technology and IT systems of the future inspire many specialists in their quest to help create the next generation of IT solutions.

In the IT sector, new skills are constantly in demand, whether it’s in support, development or design. Are you looking for an expert in IT recruitment? Level has the ability to quickly adjust its search channels to find creative ways to attract applicants to your company.

Level recruits for positions in:

  • Infrastructure
  • System development
  • Integration
  • Maintenance
  • Support

Recruitment of System Specialists, Web Developers, etc.
Examples of positions we recruit for: CIO, CTO, IT Managers, Development Managers, Operating Managers, Agile Leaders, Architects (IT, Solutions, Systems, Enterprise), Administrative Directors, Product Specialists, Application Specialists, Project Managers, Developers (Systems, Web, Front-end, Back-End, Full Stack), Infrastructure roles (Technicians and managers in operation, networks and security), Dev-ops, Test Supervisors, Testers, Database Administrators

Reference assignments in IT