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It is not news that it is difficult to recruit in IT

But that does not mean that it is impossible. You probably already know that the IT sector's specialists are moving most of all in the labor market. To capture the tech talent, it is important to work actively and offensively with headhunting. The craft lies in matching the right assignment with the right person, but the timing is also a prerequisite. Not to mention the time. An IT recruitment must go extremely fast, in order for the candidate not to lose interest.

We capture the interest of the tech talent
The vast majority of companies, service and product companies, are currently in some phase of their digitization journey. Some are facing major changes, others have already built impressive teams. Digitizing their business, automatically, means an increased or sudden need for IT skills. Whether you are looking for a CTO, DevOps or product owner, we help you find the right person for the job.

On your side
You are used to being the candidate’s market in IT more than other areas. To ensure that your offer is attractive to the competence, we are therefore happy to assist you on a consultative level as well. Our recruitment consultants are good at selling you as a workplace, but we also fully believe in honesty and transparency. We see it as an important part of our partnership to find a match that is right for you in the long term.

Level Recruitment is read on the latest technology and inspires confidence in your contact with your candidates.

  • We understand that you have a headache from the word “lack of competence” and all that it means. Our job is to ease it.
  • We capture what in your offer that is most attractive to each individual. We are quick to highlight your strengths; the first few seconds are crucial.
  • We have industry knowledge – our recruitment consultants know IT. With Level Recruitment as a partner, your brand is in safe hands.

Recruitment of System Specialists, Web Developers, etc.
Examples of positions we recruit for: CIO, CTO, IT Managers, Development Managers, Operating Managers, Agile Leaders, Architects (IT, Solutions, Systems, Enterprise), Administrative Directors, Product Specialists, Application Specialists, Project Managers, Developers (Systems, Web, Front-end, Back-End, Full Stack), Infrastructure roles (Technicians and managers in operation, networks and security), Dev-ops, Test Supervisors, Testers, Database Administrators

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