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We rely on each other

At Level Recruitment, our employees are our key resource. We believe in individual responsibility and we rely on each other. We expect our employees to take responsibility for completing their duties and achieving their individual goals.

Together we ensure a high level of service and the satisfaction of our customers. The relationship between Level and every employee is based on mutual trust, which in our view helps make both company and individual grow stronger. To simplify the working day, we offer flexible working hours, flexibility in holiday leave and the technical means to work outside the office.

Combining work, private life and leisure is a challenge for many people, particularly for parents with small children. As one of today’s modern companies, we look at the big picture and strive to give our employees the tools to organise their work and leisure time. In our view, all parties benefit from this in the form of personal development, reduced sickness absence, greater job satisfaction, lower staff turnover and increased profitability.

“At Level Recruitment, the employees are our key resource. We believe in individual responsibility and we rely on each other.””

To be a modern company at the forefront, we constantly need the input of our staff. We want it and we expect it. We expect everyone to help create a better work environment through his or her active participation. Every employee plays an important role in the company’s development. Together we lay the groundwork for a good and enjoyable work environment.

Whenever we feel like giving up, we talk to each other. We are humble and honest with each other. Solving problems as a team leads to first-class recruitment, a good atmosphere and satisfied customers. We occupy bright premises at Skeppsbron in the Old Town (Gamla Stan) in central Stockholm, with a view of the water.

Flexible holiday & flexible working hours
Flexible working hours
We have a 40-hour working week but we decide how to schedule our work hours. Most of us work mainly at the office, but can take a day or so a week to work from home.
Flexible holiday leave
When an employee wishes to take their holiday, there’s usually a good reason for it and we as a company do not interfere in what those reasons may be.
Generous staff benefits
As a modern employer, we provide benefits for our employees. In addition to standard benefits such as pension contributions and health insurance,
fitness care allowance & a fitness hour, we provide group training with a personal trainer once a week, company massages & Monday breakfast meetings.

Well-being & togetherness

We invest significantly in group well-being in the form of social events and conference trips, but above all, we respect each other.

Yearly conference trips

To develop as individuals and as a company we arrange a yearly conference trip to exciting destinations. Our previous destinations include London, Barcelona, Istanbul & Vienna. In addition to conference trips, we have group business and skills development exercises as well as activities of a more social nature. Our conferences are an opportunity for us to learn to get to know each other better and thereby function even better as a close-knit team.

After-Work Activities

Many of us who work at Level are in the middle of life with children and families, so we need to plan our After-Work Activities in good time. Every other month or so we get together after work to enjoy bowling, karaoke, a tasty meal, boules or similar. In the summer our activities have a summery flavour and at Christmas time we enjoy a delicious Christmas buffet dinner.

The joy of weekdays

Weekdays are what matter the most. Most of us spend a lot of time at work and it is important that we enjoy working together Monday to Friday. We start the week with a Monday morning breakfast meeting and end the week with a Friday afternoon coffee break for those who can and wish to attend. We are a close-knit team with many strong individuals with diverse personalities but we respect and value them for who they are.

Work for us

Are you an experienced recruitment consultant or skilled salesperson with a background in recruitment? Please contact our Recruitment Manager, Susanna Hörler, on +46 (0)8 120 50 410 or our Sales Manager, Christian Smith, on +46 (0)8 120 50 410.

Working at Level

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