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About us

We have completed thousands of recruitments since starting out in 2009


Level is a Swedish recruitment company that is providing a holistic solution in recruitment, which includes advertising, networks, databases and search. We aim to offer our clients the most time- and cost-efficient solutions in the market. In our opinion, the recruitment process should be high in quality without entailing a drawn-out, costly process.

We believe that recruitment doesn’t have to be the complicated process that many industry colleagues make out. Instead, we are smarter in our work methods. This doesn’t mean that we cut corners in other parts of the recruitment process – we deliver high quality and excellent service across the board. Level will quite simply do what it takes to get the most qualified person in place quickly and simply.

We always strive to build a long-term relationship with both clients and applicants. Trust, expertise and experience are the catchphrases in our work. We want our clients to feel that we always deliver the best applicants in the market. To achieve this, we have forged long-term relationships with all our applicants in our database and in our networks.

We like to think that we are always a bit faster and more efficient than other players in the market.

A word from the CEO

Level Recruitment contributes innovative thinking to the recruitment industry. But we are not satisfied with that – we also want to be the best in our specialist field. To be the best, I as the CEO must demand a great deal from myself and from my employees. Making these demands isn’t difficult to do, as the employees at Level always strive to perform to the best of their abilities. This is a matter of course for us.

This also means that sometimes we may ask a lot of you as a client or as an applicant. By pushing certain limits, I aim to achieve better results, which in turn means we can deliver outstanding quality. The result is a faster, more cost-efficient process. This benefits you as a client and those who are applying for a position through Level Recruitment.

Level strives to be unique. We don’t want to imitate other players in the market – we want them to imitate us. Only then will we have succeeded. To achieve this, we will continue to make every effort to impress to ensure the satisfaction of clients and applicants alike. If you’re not satisfied, we want to know. It will give us a chance to improve, so please don’t hesitate to give us feedback, whatever it may be.

Patrik Smith, CEO

Business concept

Level is a specialised recruiting company that works with search and headhunting. We provide a comprehensive range of services focusing on specialists & leaders in Swedish industry.”

Working at Level
At Level Recruitment, our employees are our key resource. We believe in individual responsibility and we rely on each other.
We expect our employees to take responsibility for completing their duties and achieving their individual goals.
Ethics & diversity
Level’s work in the area of diversity and ethics means that an individual’s rights, obligations and possibilities are equal regardless of gender, sexual orientation and ethnicity.
It is our firm conviction that everyone should be treated equally when they search for a job at Level. This helps ensure that the most suitable person for a particular role is offered the position.


Level’s goal is to provide our clients with the most cost- and time-efficient solutions for specialised recruitment by search and headhunting.”


Level strives to be Northern Europe’s leading specialised recruitment company in our areas of specialisation.”

Focus on sustainability

To minimise our adverse impact on the environment, as far as technically and financially reasonable, Level is actively engaged in environmental issues. Level’s ability to protect our environment lies mainly in the purchase of good and services, energy consumption, waste and transportation. We want to future generations to enjoy clean, fresh air, green forests, unpolluted seas and clean, fresh drinking water. The environmental law that is in place today serves as the baseline in Level’s environmental work.


As a company we want all our employees to be knowledgeable in the area of environmental impact so that the adverse impact on our environment caused by the company is minimised.

Purchases of goods and services

Level shall choose local suppliers where possible, which helps shorten the transport of products purchased by the company as much as possible. Level shall also strive to purchase eco-labelled products or choose suppliers whose services are approved in accordance with the ISO 14001 environment certification.

Energy and water supply

Level shall always strive to minimise its energy and water consumption. We do this by choosing suppliers that produce electricity from renewable sources, for instance. This helps us to minimise our consumption of natural resources and fossil fuels, which helps reduce the greenhouse effect.


We also strive to reduce our consumption of fossil fuels in the area of transportation. This applies to business trips, deliveries, couriers and employee transportation to and from work. Level believes that people should use public transport services as far as possible to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.


Level strives to increase its waste sorting activities and reduce the total quantities of waste. Hazardous waste is sorted and recycled to reduce the risk of adverse environmental impact.

About us

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