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Specialist recruitment within technology - the right engineer in the right place has never been more central

In order to drive sustainable development in a global arena, competences that correspond to the new times are required. The question of cracks is obvious - the specialists in technology can be difficult to find. At the same time, in technology-driven companies, this often means a direct loss of revenue unless the right engineer is in the right place.

The technical development and the role of the specialists
The digitization of technology-intensive industries is guided by a complex balance between development and reality. An increasing number of students are studying AI, but even though artificial intelligence is on the rise, not all science fiction is in Swedish technology companies. The discrepancy creates an even greater need for specialists, going forward. We need both senior engineers and niches, more juniors. Together, they will drive development forward.

We help you recruit the top engineers
It is sometimes claimed that the candidates in technology no longer exist. That’s not true, but they would never submit a spontaneous application. To interest them is a craft today. Both when it comes to being read about each individual, but also to actively process them.

We at Level Recruitment are driven by helping you find engineers who can solve the technical challenges you need to manage to grow.

  • We know which of your strengths and roles we should highlight – whether you are looking for an operating engineer, project manager or research leader.
  • We understand the market. Our recruitment consultants have worked for many, many years with specialist recruitment and know where to look to find the best suited engineers.
  • We will turn on all stones. To rely solely on searches through LinkedIn would be reluctant – we use all available contact paths to reach your candidates.

Recruitment of Civil Engineers, Project Managers and Test Supervisors, etc.
Do you need to recruit a project manager or civil engineer? We have the right applicants. We help our clients recruit for positions including: Civil Engineers, Test Supervisors, Electronics Engineers, Designers, Project Engineers, Project Managers, Process Engineers, Operating Engineers Verifiers, CAD Engineers, Developers, Research Supervisors, Purchasers, Logistics Managers, Category Managers, Brand Managers, Consumer Insight, Product Specialists, Warehouse Managers, Store Managers.

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