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The construction and real estate sector is growing - the need for specialists as well

Political decisions and a high pressure on housing construction have meant that the industry has had its fill in recent years. As a community builder, you can of course face various challenges, but a specific one often comes back: the lack of skills. On the candidates' side is something else at the center. Project. By finding the individual who is driven by working in your current project, we find a long-term sustainable win-win.

To recruit specialists in the construction and real estate industry

Although the demand for senior competence in project management is rising, we also see an increased need for new roles. As the land runs out and prices rise, creative, analytical solutions in real estate development are emerging. The property owner’s site is largely seeking expertise in management. On the consulting side, there is more focus on finding heavy, technical specialists in different areas.

Whether it is an analyst you are looking for, or a project manager who is passionate about your challenge, Level Recruitment is the right choice for you. Our experience of recruiting specialists in your industry means that we can safely say that we will find the candidates you want.

Level Recruitment matches the right skills with your challenge. We understand your world, know your candidates and recruit high-quality specialists in the construction and real estate industry.

  • We know what strengths to highlight – both in terms of projects and you as an employer. We help you decide which USPs should be opposed to the candidate.
  • We are on your toes and know your industry. Our well-established contact network and external monitoring in the building and real estate sector mean that we know when it is time to contact the candidates who have just completed an exciting project.
  • We deliver. We do not sell anything that we cannot deliver. With Level Recruitment as your partner for recruitment, the lack of skills in your industry is no longer a big issue.

Recruitment of Supervisors, Property Managers, Project Managers, etc.
Are you recruiting a supervisor or property manager? We have the right applicants. We help recruit for positions such as: Property Managers, Project Managers, Investment Managers, Asset Managers, Analysts, Valuators, Leasing Agents, Administrators, Operating Managers, Project Planners, Site Managers, Costing Specialists, Architects, Energy Controllers and Technical & Environmental Consultants.

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