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Recruitment areas


Recruitment in Human Resources

The value-generating heart of the company or an administrative function?

There are many different views on the merits of HR departments.

Who makes sure that the staff works towards the same goals and values and focuses on the company’s key asset – the staff?

Working with people is very rewarding, but it’s also a big challenge. Not knowing how the day will end is part of the joy of working. Helping colleagues and co-workers develop and watch as they grow to reach new heights… What could be more rewarding? This can be a dynamo in the company’s growth, but it’s also a tough challenge.

An HR manager is faced with many tough decisions. As the business cycle is in constant flux, a solid understanding of the staff and its efforts on behalf of the company is required. Level has that understanding and the skills to help you and your company find the right people for this central function.

Level also recruits individuals who specialise in Compensation & Benefits, Recruitment, Employer Branding, Payroll, Pensions, Labour Law, etc.

Recruitment of HR director, HR manager and HR assistant, etc.
Examples of positions we recruit for: HR Managers, HR Business Partners, HR Assistant, HR coordinators and specialists in Compensation and Benefits, Recruitment, Employer Branding, Payroll, Pensions and Labour Law.

Reference assignments in HR