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Our Recruitment Services


Recruitment by search

Level has completed more than a thousand recruitments over the years. This confirms that our recruitment process is successful. By always including advertising, our established networks, relevant databases and search as natural parts of our recruitment process, we successfully fill the vacancies that are assigned to us.

When you are recruiting a specialist, you can rarely count on the right applicant simply finding the job advertisement. Therefore, to attract the right expertise we include a search or “headhunting” as it is known today in all our recruitment processes. For Level, a search means that we map out the relevant expertise requirements for the specific position. Applicants who are not actively searching but have the specialist expertise that is required will be contacted.

In the search work, the set requirement profiles are decisive in finding applicants with the right background, experience and training. Using the requirement profile as a base, we methodically find people who could fit the position. The work is funnel-shaped in that the process is initially wide-ranging but gradually narrows down to a smaller list of applicants. The model is tried and tested and we know from experience that our work methods result in successful recruitments.

The position is also advertised in broad and niche advertising channels to reach the applicants who are active job seekers. This, in combination the network we have built up, our own database and other relevant databases, results in a more cost- and time-efficient process. In cases where a search is not appropriate for the position in question – when recruiting temporary replacements, for example – we perform a selection recruitment.

We have a six-step recruitment process:

  • Requirement profile
  • Search/selection
  • Quality assurance
  • Presentation
  • Employment
  • Follow-up & evaluation

At every step, our work contains meticulous processes to assure the quality of each recruitment. Level works hard on detailed quality assurance processes to prevent errors happening during the course of the recruitment.

For us, good relationships and communication during the process with both clients and applicants are crucial for producing a successful recruitment outcome. We therefore ask our clients to provide as much information as possible and to be active during the recruitment process.

Recruitment by search

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