A close & honest dialogue is the way to a successful recruitment


Communication & transparency

When you place a recruitment assignment in our hands, you can expect to be updated on what happens throughout the recruitment process, from start-up to signing an employment contract. Recruiting new employees is a major investment for all companies and to ensure that each individual recruitment is successful, we work closely with our customers throughout the process. We want you as a customer to always know what is happening, regardless of whether the recruitment is progressing or if we encounter challenges.

When we talk to candidates about a specific position, we get a lot of information about how the candidates view both the position and the company in question. During the time that a recruitment is going on, we become your “ears to the ground”. We see it as our task to convey how candidates view the current brand and the current role. Against this background, we can, together with our customers, implement small, but perhaps decisive changes to the position in order to be able to attract the most suitable candidates. We know that successful recruitment often lies in the details. Although salary status, brand and content of the service are very important for a successful recruitment, the details can sometimes be absolutely crucial. It can be about how the candidate experiences the meeting with the hiring manager or flexibility regarding working hours in order to be able to combine work and private life.

Our goal is for you to succeed with your recruitment, and for that reason we are completely transparent throughout the recruitment process. In order for us to succeed in the best way, we want you as a customer to be transparent towards us and see us as your partner when it comes to recruitment.

Together we create success!

Communication & transparency

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