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Having trouble choosing between two applicants or do you wish to understand the applicant more in depth? By conducting a test you can iron out any question marks or have your evaluation of the applicant confirmed. A personality test or proficiency test also serves as good source documentation in an interview with the applicant and for coaching employees.

We provide a number of different tests including SHL, all designed to evaluate the applicant’s suitability for a position at your company. Our experienced recruitment consultants are certified to perform tests and normally when we perform the tests on applicants, we can give you feedback within a few days. The applicant performs the test online, which makes it simple to administrate and execute. We normally recommend a private meeting for feedback, but it can also be done by phone or as a video meeting.

OPQ is a thoroughly tried-and-tested and widely used personality test for recruiting. With a self-evaluation form, you may detect qualities in an applicant, which could be vital for the position in question.

Scenarios measure work-related leadership skills and belong to a category of occupational psychology tests known as Work Simulation. This is an excellent test when recruiting executives or people with a lot of leadership responsibilities.

Numerical and verbal skill testing are occupational psychology tests that measure the applicant’s verbal and numerical skills, while inductive testing is an occupational psychology test that measures the candidate’s logical thinking.

Verify G+ is one of SHL’s Verify tests on cognitive ability. The test is designed to measure three types of ability: numerical, deductive and inductive. The test consists of 30 questions, with 10 questions for each ability. The test measures individual qualities including analysing scenarios, data work, performing mathematical calculations, interpreting graphs and tables and drawing logical conclusions. G+ is an adaptive test and thus suitable for all work levels and roles.

MQ is a questionnaire about motivation that you can use to understand which situations can increase or reduce motivation and help generate job satisfaction. This type of questionnaire tries to assess how the circumstances at the workplace can affect levels of motivation (i.e. if it would make you worker harder in a given situation).


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