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Equal treatment, diversity & gender equality

Everyone has equal value

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Ethical guidelines

Level’s work in the area of diversity and ethics means that an individual’s rights, obligations and possibilities are equal regardless of gender, sexual orientation and ethnicity. We do not accept sexual harassment in any form and nobody should be discriminated against because of their gender, sexual preference, ethnicity or disability.

It is Level’s unequivocal, firm opinion that everyone should be treated equally in recruitment processes and the other services that Level performs for its clients. Similarly, everyone should be treated equally when they are applying for a job at Level’s office. This applies to anything from the handling of application forms to interviews and tests. This helps ensure that the most suitable person for a particular role is offered the position.

Level’s employees are required to treat all applicants on the basis of their skills – regardless of background.

Level shall promote diversity by implementing employment policies that embrace diversity. Level makes sure that its employees, potential employees, applicants and clients are treated fairly and in accordance with their skills and proficiencies.

Level is engaged in work to prevent discrimination, stalking or harassment due to gender, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, religion, faith, age or disabilities.

Applicants are handled in a discreet manner in our CV database, in line with the GDPR. As an applicant, you can be assured that your personal data is handled in an ethically correct manner. You can read our Personal Data Policy here.

Ethical guidelines

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