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Advisory services

Sometimes, expert assistance is valuable for moving forward with your own work. At Level Recruitment we have many years’ experience of recruitment-related matters and we have systemically recruited specialists and executives since starting out in 2008.

Our recruitment consultants have both broad and niche experience in the area. By hiring one of our consultants on an hourly basis you can get a customised consultation in all matters dealing with recruitment. Based on your specific needs, you can meet a suitable recruitment consultant to get the answers to your particular questions.

  • Examples of areas where we can help with advice:
  • Preparing a requirement profile for a specific position
  • Advertisement design and choice of advertising channels
  • Planning for single recruitments or larger recruitment projects
  • Support for executives who are unaccustomed to recruiting
  • Etc.

Advisory services

To apply, please fill out the following information. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Good luck!