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How to Attract Candidates on Today’s Market in Sweden
13 April 2015, by Level Recruitment

How to Attract Candidates on Today’s Market in Sweden

The recruitment business is not the same today as it was when the internet was but an idea. Now, after many years of rapid digital advances, higher demands are being made of companies that wish to recruit. Putting an advertisement in the newspaper isn’t enough anymore, nor is making a mere telephone call sufficient; today, you must cater more to the candidate’s needs, to catch their attention.

Anyone who is seeking employment today, in contrast to a few years ago, has almost infinite possibilities and tools to find information about vacant jobs. Almost any vacant job can be found on job-portals and on the websites of recruitment companies. Facebook, Twitter and Linkedln are just some of the platforms on social media that offer information about the different companies that are searching for staff. If not, you may be lucky enough to find blog posts or similar pieces about the company in question. There are many an alternative for people looking for jobs and the competition between companies searching for skilled candidates is tougher than ever. In other words, employers now have a duty to draw more attention to themselves, make would-be candidates notice them, and must do this in the correct way

So what are some effective methods for attracting candidates on today’s market, candidates who are used to being able to compare many possibilities? We have compiled a list of some of the more important parameters to keep in mind:

An Appealing Website

Having an updated and user-friendly website is one of the more important things to keep in mind. The company’s website is your outward image and gives the potential candidate a feel for the company, what you do and what your goals are. Since it is natural to research a company, from which you have received an offer, on the internet, it makes sense to be presented with a clean, professional website. If the person is met with an old fashioned, outdated page after pressing ‘enter’, they could quickly lose interest or get a bad impression, leading to them potentially disregarding your company. In other words, you may be losing potential stellar workers before they even know what they could be offered, all because of a bad first impression.

Have a Well-thought-Out Advertisement Strategy

Not all positions are allocated an advertisement, but a well written one in the right channels increases the likelihood of finding the right candidate dramatically. What this means is that a well-written advertisement is informative yet not too "in your face", as many can be, to guarantee that the candidate receives the correct information and a good impression. If the expectations of the candidate aren't met when employed, it might end up being an employment that doesn't last.

So what are the right channels to advertise in? According to us, reaching out to a broader audience, such as through Monster, Blocket or Metro increases the chance of the right person taking notice.

Advertising in the daily press isn't as common today, thanks to the internet making job-searching so much easier. Despite this, placing an advertisement in the newspaper is an excellent way to make a name for your brand and in turn, attract eligible candidates. The possible disadvantage with this is that it could be expensive.

Use the Aid of Recruitment companies

When it comes to employing someone for a service that requires very specific skills, it can be difficult to find someone available, as these people are often already employed due to them being specialists.

By using the aid of recruitment companies that conduct searches, or head-hunters, you increase the chance of finding a valuable candidate. In this case, "searching" implies contacting candidates that aren't actively seeking employment. This can be done by identifying person with the right competence and then proceeding to call or email them with the purpose of catching their interest for a specific job.

Nurture the Companie's Reputation

When the recruitment process is complete, it is important to take care of the candidates who are now employed. A telltale sign of you doing this is that the employees choose to stay with you for a long period of time. The way the company works on the inside reflects on the employees opinions of the company and a good reputation spreads quickly on social media and through contacts. This leads to many candidates being aware of which companies take good care of their employees and which ones are less appealing to work for. Naturally no one wishes to be associated with the latter, so investing time and effort in to seeing that your employees are taken care of and are happy will benefit the reputation of the company, hence increasing the chance that the company is attractive to future candidates.

Is Yours the Best Place to Work in Sweden?

Every year, Sweden nominates the "best company to work for" in categories based on the size of the company. What is then the key to having a company that is so incredibly popular to work for? One of the more appreciated factors is that the company is flexible, caters to the employees needs whilst maintaining an effective tempo of work. This could mean allowing people to work from home, if need be, where one is given "freedom with responsibility". Many a time, employees can appreciate such consideration more than a higher salary, since it shows that the company understands that personal matters, that could affect you and your coworkers, are important and can't be ignored. Being able to have some control and a say in ones tasks and schedule at work is also alluring to people seeking employment.

So, How Alluring is Your Company as a Place of Work?

After going through these important parameters, it is now time for you to ask yourselves some questions: What is good about our place of work and what makes it unique? Do we have a website that attracts visitors, or does it scare them away? Is our reputation justified, and does it reflect how we are as a company? Can we manage finding competence ourselves, or do we need to use the assistance of recruitment companies? Do our terms and benefits meet the minimum requirements of candidates, or do they exceed them?

We wish you the best of luck!

How to Attract Candidates on Today’s Market in Sweden

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