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How Important is Experience when Recruiting?
28 April 2015, by Level Recruitment

How Important is Experience when Recruiting?

There is a great deal of preparation and instinct required to succeed with a recruitment. Using methods and processes that assure important details aren’t left out is vital to both new and experience recruiters that want to reach their goals. But what advantages does an experience recruiter have, and how can he or she use their knowledge in the right way?

The many steps of the recruitment process

When commencing a new recruitment process, you need to carefully analyse what the position requires and which type of person you are looking for. Once those parameters have been set, and you have created a desired profile for the position you can move to step two: To advertise the position, to select some preliminary candidates, book interviews, both physical and/or over the telephone, and to conduct reference checks.

There are however, many small steps behind each large one. How should the advertisement look, which questions should be asked to different references? Asking yourself the correct questions about your process naturally leads to you getting the correct answers, which emphasizes the importance of having a well thought through plan. You should, as a recruiter, always stay alert for there are many signals you can pick up on while in contact with a candidate, and too often these signals are missed, leading to the loss of potential candidates.

An experienced recruiter is an effective recruiter

In many cases experience within the field in question is paramount to be able to read situations and pick up on signals from candidates. The task of the recruiter is to create an overview of the candidate’s experience, education and personality, to then compare this to the advertised position and the companies’ culture and needs. In other words, it is like trying to find the correct piece for a puzzle. If you are unfortunate, pieces will be missing, which means your task will be to work harder to find the perfect piece. Various tests can be a helpful way to filter away candidates that are not optimal for the position, or even probationary employment. The goal is to find a 100% match for the position, and that match is found through excellent recruitment.

How Important is Experience when Recruiting?

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