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Five tips for Hiring from Within the Company
31 March 2015, by Level Recruitment

Five tips for Hiring from Within the Company

Are you considering hiring from within the company? If that is the case, there are a few things to consider. We have compiled a list of the most important things you as a recruiter should bare in mind when you recruit internally.

  1. Keep the meeting professional

There is a possibility that when one interviews a candidate that already works for the company (and who probably also knows you, the interviewer, personally), that the interview may lose some of its seriousness and professionalism and may even result in a biased decision. To avoid this and maintain a high standard, it is important that you treat all candidates, external and internal, the same. This doesn’t mean you have to ask each candidate the exact same questions, you of course probably know the answers to some of them when interviewing someone from within the company. Instead, replace the questions you know the answer too with more detailed questions, for example about the company or the available position.

  1. Avoid being biased

When interviewing candidates that you already know or know of, it can be hard to disregard old assumptions or expectations of the person, both positive and negative. It is easy to assume that an ambitious and good worker would be perfect for the new position, but that isn’t always the case. It is therefore important to hit the “reset” button in yourself and see each candidate as a new person to find out what they can bring to the table.

Trying looking at the person from a new perspective and ask yourself why this person would be good for the job. Are there any risks that you are biased due to friendship or past experiences with the person? If that is the case, perhaps asking for a second opinion from someone else could lead to a fairer and more objective decision.

  1. Ask for a second opinion

There are many advantages with hiring a recruitment consultant when hiring from within the company. They can help with a fairer, more objective judgement of the candidate and have greater capabilities to compare said candidate with others on the market. It can also be easier for the recruitment consultant to ask the slightly more critical questions, to go more in depth in the interview.

The assessment of the recruitment consultant will always be more neutral. It may also be easier and feel kinder to the candidate to hear from an external party that they didn’t get the job, instead of from someone within the organization that they may know.

An external party can also conduct different types of personality tests that make the selection process easier, if the company cannot conduct these test. These tests could, amongst other things, measure the verbal and logistical capabilities of the candidate, and get a better understanding of the persons drive and skills.

  1. Fair employee policy

Presenting the possibility of internal recruitment gives a positive vibe to current employees. It is a good way to make all employees feel noticed, even if not all are suited for the position. A longer lasting effect of this can be that employees stay on longer with the company, in the hope of climbing the ranks.

  1. Think twice, and then once more

To summarize, with many applicants, both internal and external, it is easy to be steered by what you already know. It may seem the comfortable choice to hire Hanna for the new position, because everyone knows that Hanna is a liked, hard-working person. Think again though, because while there of course is a possibility that Hanna is perfect for the role, you may instead be choosing a candidate on the wrong grounds, that you are trusting your gut too much. Consider all your options and make your choice based on who would best be suited for the new role, not based on how well the person does their current job, or their ability to entertain their colleagues in the coffee room.

Good luck with your next internal recruitment!

Five tips for Hiring from Within the Company

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