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Mini guide to a sucessful interview
20 February 2015, by Level Recruitment

For the Interviewer – A Mini guide for a successful interview!

The majority of us have lots of experience in the art of interviewing and finding the perfect candidates, but what challenges could an interviewer be faced with? Pulling off the perfect interview isn’t easy, that we can agree on. But like any other profession, there are various golden rules and safety nets to fall back on that are good to know about.

The first thing to keep in mind is that an interview is your best method to get to know the candidate and to get a feel for the person, to make sure they are the right one for the job. It is also a prime opportunity for you to advertise for your company, to better attract new co-workers that your company needs to grow and develop.

So, how does one conduct an exceptional interview and thus find the right person for the job? There are a few “do’s and don’ts” that the interviewer should keep in mind. They are as listed:

  • Plan the meeting well and create a comfortable environment. If the candidate feels at ease, he or she will have an easier time being outgoing and increasing your chances of a successful interview.
  • Ask for concrete examples of how the candidate would apply him or herself. How does the person plan their week for example, or how would a supposedly creative person put their creativeness to use? Using this method enables you to gain better understanding of what this person can do without drawing your own conclusions.
  • Ask open-ended questions, and ask the same questions, to all candidates. This will make comparing their answers and analytical abilities easier.
  • Avoid empty, hanging conversations with the use of follow-up questions. Ask questions such as “What do you mean by that” or “Could you go in to more depth”, or “Could you give me an example of that?”.
  • Be honest with the challenges the company is facing and its flaws. If the candidate receives a dishonest picture of the position or company, they will not end up fitting in or being happy at work.
  • Make sure your follow-up work of the interview is of a high standard, to keep the candidate informed and to show professionalism.

A common error made by many interviewers is dedicating too much off the interview to talking about the company instead of actually listening to what the candidate has to say. The result of this is that you will end up with an incomplete impression of the candidate, or perhaps you will be unsuccessful in capturing the interest of the person. There is also a risk that the interviewee will feel that they had no chance to leave a good impression of themselves since they didn’t have enough time to talk, which may lead to them seeing the interview as a waste of time. As the interviewer it is in other words in your best interest to master the correct interviewing method and to be responsive.

Follow our advice to create the best possibility for a successful interview, which increases the likelihood of finding the right person for the job. As if that wasn’t enough, you also gain skills in reading and understanding people, which in this line of work is a hugely important ability.

For the Interviewer – A Mini guide for a successful interview!

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