A close & honest dialogue is the key to a successful recruitment


Customer in focus

When you as a client place a recruitment assignment with us, you and your needs are in focus. We customise a solution to solve the specific recruitment you are conducting.

To give you an overview of how we do this:

  • Client evaluation, we perform a client evaluation after every assignment, where you as the client can rate our work and our conduct of the recruitment process. All the aspects you are happy with and what we can develop in our collaboration. You will find more info about the results of it here.
  • Transparency, as we are your extended arm and represent you and your company when dealing with applicants in the open market, openness and transparency are the best option for keeping you and the applicants in the process continuously up to date.
  • Communication & dialogue, you need to know what’s happening in the process and how it is progressing in relation to the set schedule. This is done with a close-knit dialogue and continuous updates about the process.
  • Honesty, how much interest is there in the market for the position and who is interested? If they are not interested, why not? We use this knowledge in dialogue with you as the client and it forms the basis of our search work.
  • Solution-oriented focus to move forward in the process and fill the vacancy with the right applicant. We reach the right applicants with solution-oriented work and transparent dialogue throughout the process.
  • We dictate the pace; we conduct the work of moving forward in the process with the applicants while also providing you with internal administration and support. We will make sure that your next employee is quickly in place and we will assist you and cater to your needs throughout the entire process.

Customer in focus

To apply, please fill out the following information. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Good luck!