Recruitment within Sales, Marketing & Logistics


Sales, marketing and logistics - areas under transformation require specialist recruitment

Sale ​​is the engine of everything; it drives growth and gives room for development. Really sharp sellers are passionate about closing business, finding pleasure in meeting bookings and representing your brand well. A sales manager, a Key Account Manager or a field salesman – they are all desirable specialists who build your pipe. Through them you grow.

Level Recruitment helps you recruit dedicated, results-oriented and trust-inspiring salespeople with the right drivers.

The market is changing. New technologies, methods and innovative ways to get through the noise are added at a rapid pace. The fast pace has created a new playing field for the roles in marketing, communication and public relations. Talents with niche knowledge are becoming senior quickly, the cross-functional teams are growing and new specialist roles are continuously being added to the wish list.

We help you find excellence that drives your brand forward and strengthens your marketing and communication – externally as well as internally.

Logistics is bubbling with innovation and visions of the future. Automation, sustainability and optimized processes have created more complex logistics chains. The new generation supply chain is undeniably here. Whether you are switching to a circular logistics chain or streamlining your e-commerce distribution, the right specialists are essential.

With Level Recruitment’s help you can continue to grow and streamline your logistics. We find the specialists you need to follow the development – or lead it.

  • We are a consultative partner who, in close dialogue and transparent conversations with you, ensures that we highlight your strengths and roles.
  • We deliver the candidates to you, no matter how niche role you seek. We will turn on all stones to find your specialists.
  • We know the market. Our recruitment consultants have worked for many (many!) Years of specialist recruitment and know where to look for the best

Recruitment of Sales Managers, Marketing Managers and Key Account Managers etc.
Do you need to recruit a marketing or sales manager? We have the right applicants. We help recruit for positions such as: Sales Officers, Key Account Managers, Account Managers, Pre-Sales, Field Sales, Marketing Managers, Information Directors, Brand Managers, Communications Specialists, Web Designers, Graphic Designers. Product Developers.

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