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Recruitment areas


Recruitment in Sales & Marketing

Who is the company’s star? Does this person work at the marketing or sales department?

Ambitious goals and creative thinking, together with strong focus on communication, are skills that are required within sales and marketing. This can be a driving factor in the company’s organisations, but also a challenge depending on who the people in the organisation are.

In an ever-changing market, great understanding of marketing is required combined with targeted sales campaigns. Level has the understanding and expertise to help your company maximise its functions with the right employees.

In Sales we are used to recruiting salespeople and business developers at different levels, from In-House Sales to Key Account Managers and Sales Managers.

In Marketing we recruit people in Marketing, Information, Communication, PR and Design.

Recruitment of Sales Managers, Marketing Managers and Key Account Managers etc.
Do you need to recruit a marketing or sales manager? We have the right applicants. We help recruit for positions such as: Sales Officers, Key Account Managers, Account Managers, Pre-Sales, Field Sales, Marketing Managers, Information Directors, Brand Managers, Communications Specialists, Web Designers, Graphic Designers. Product Developers.

Reference assignments in Sales & Marketing