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Recruitment areas


Recruitment in Office & Administration

Who takes care of your company and develops it to its full potential?

The importance of structure and order is significant within all companies and organisations. With efficient administration, you will facilitate development within the company, which in turn leads to higher earnings.

Your next incoming call could be your company’s biggest deal to date. Having the right staff to handle the situation professionally can take your company to new heights. Your customer service is another example of how your company can use its staff to increase sales, convert dissatisfied customers and create new business opportunities. This is where confidence and understanding between company and client is created. Whether you need Nordic-speaking skills or technical expertise, Level can find the right employee for you.

Level has solid knowledge when it comes to finding specialists. Commitment, meticulousness and efficiency are important qualities that applicants in this area should possess.

Recruitment of executive assistants, Office Managers, etc.
Examples of positions we recruit for: Project Managers, Project Administrators, Office Managers, Executive Assistants, Facility Managers, Purchasing Managers, Call Centre staff, Coordinators.

Reference assignments in Office & Administration