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Applicant evaluation / Second opinion

Do you need an expert opinion on an applicant? Do you have an employee who you would like to evaluate for a new role at the company?

With the Applicant Evaluation service or Second Opinion as it is also known, Level can help you with that. Sometimes an expert opinion can give you a new perspective on the applicant’s ability and expertise. You can use this service both with new recruitments and during reorganisations and promotions.

Level’s Candidate Evaluation includes:

Analysis of the position – The recruitment consultant and the client jointly perform an analysis of the position to which the applicant evaluation is linked. This helps form an understanding of the criteria and qualities that are required for the position.

In-depth interview – A more in-depth examination of the applicant’s CV, experience and personality in a private interview with a recruitment consultant.

Test or reference – You can choose between performing a test such as an OPQ or a proficiency test, or you can let Level take a reference to get a complementary picture of the applicant.

Feedback – Feedback is provided orally or in written form as a summary of the interview or alternatively the reference. This is aimed at giving you a clear recommendation based on the evaluation of the applicant.

Applicant evaluation / Second opinion

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