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What colour manager are you?
4 April 2018, by Level Recruitment

What colour manager are you?

Have you heard about the book “Surrounded by Idiots”? In the book, the author Thomas Eriksson analyses human behaviour according to the DISC theory. Who you are and how you behave form the basis of your personality type: which is either red, green, blue or yellow. What colour manager are you and how does it affect your co-workers? We will find out in this blog post.

The Red Manager: Full Steam Ahead!

A top performer The red manager focuses consistently on results. They are less bothered about the road to achieving them. You just keep going until you cross the finishing line. As a manager, you are dynamic, energetic and an inspiration for many – but people may also find you a bit scary. For you there is nothing strange about admonishing a colleague one minute and inviting them to join you for lunch the next. Fundamentally you are a fair boss who does not discriminate or have favourites. Everyone has the same opportunity to prove their worth and be rewarded for their performance. You hate idle chitchat, meetings that drag on and inefficiency. Therefore, you sometimes have to be careful to not come across as cold or disinterested because you answered an e-mail with “OK” or skipped the coffee break again today.

The Green Manager – Plays it Safe

Do your friends describe you as kind, humble and someone you can rely on? If so, you have the three most common green personality traits. At work you are committed and capable: perhaps even a bit too capable. This means you take on more than you can handle to make it easier for the others. Also, you avoid conflict situations and dislike being a nuisance. Sometimes you worry too much about other people and neglect yourself and your own health as a result. Green managers generally need to be a bit better at putting themselves first and standing up for what they believe in. Your colleagues may perceive you as slightly undynamic, as you are reluctant to go outside the framework. Quite simply, you prefer security. As a manager, you are reluctant to put yourself over your team members and instead see yourself as one of them. You struggle to find the balance between being friends with your subordinates and commending their respect.

The Blue Manager – Analysing Down to the Last Detail

Are you a person who likes to analyse every decision down to the last detail? Blue people are among the most strategic of the personality types. You are completely organised in your work tasks, never miss a meeting and never take on a project without performing a feasibility study. Some people find you inflexible, but it does not matter to you. After all, your decisions are always correct. Small talk is not for you. Like red people, being sociable is not a priority. You are extremely efficient in your work and a specialist in your field. As a manager, you are fair but somewhat domineering. Your team members sometimes think you are stiff or slow at taking decisions. Before you a make a decision, you want to analyse all the available options. You like to micromanage projects which can lead your team members feeling excluded. Sometimes it does not hurt to check and see if anyone else has a good idea too.

The Yellow Manager – The Team’s Best Friend

Here is Mister Nice Guy! Yellow people are usually happy, sociable and positive. They see the world through rose-tinted glasses and love coming to work everyday. This comes across as being charming or annoying, depending on whom you ask. You love talking – especially about yourself – so much that you sometimes forget that in a discussion you also occasionally need to ask questions too. When it comes to your duties, you are happy to take whatever is assigned to you. You are also a veritable fountain of ideas and love starting your own projects – the more, the better. Your enthusiasm means you are good at inspiring others and starting new projects, but you are not as good in following the project through to its conclusion. In contrast to red people, you are not particularly result-oriented, you would rather be having fun. As a manager you are well-liked and prefer to say yes to any proposals you receive. Your team members are grateful that you let them get involved and take decisions, but they may also find it difficult when you fail to follow up on projects. It would not do any harm to have a better overview.

What colour manager are you?

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